GRC’s Members

The Global Readers’ Club consists of a small editorial board and a number of freelance contributors. Short biographies of the members can be found below:

Editorial Board

Nikolaj K. Andersen is the founder and editor-in-chief of Global Readers’ Club and a PhD fellow in Political Science at Aarhus University. He has previously worked as a political project coordinator, at the Danish Embassy in Tokyo, and as a lecturer in Talerøret. He holds a master’s degree in International Studies and a bachelor’s degree in History of Ideas from Aarhus University.

Simon Ladegaard Johannesen is an editor at Global Readers’ Club. He holds a master’s degree in literature from at Aarhus University, specializing in Scandinavian languages and Danish author Hans Scherfig. Having minored in English, he is a former writer and editor at the literary journal Littuna and works as a freelance translator.

Tobias Børgaard is an editor at Global Readers’ Club. He holds a master’s degree in English from Aarhus University with a focus on Irish collective memory. He works as a part-time high school teacher in western Jutland and as a freelance translator.


Gideon Sinke is a sociologist and writer specialized in socio-cultural change and development. He heads a national social movement aimed at reducing political polarisation. Gideon Sinke has worked in Kampala, Uganda at a pan-African human rights organisation. He holds a MSc (Res) in Social and Behavioral Sciences from Tilburg University and a BA from University College Roosevelt. He currently lives in the vicinity of Rotterdam.

Jeppe Rothuizen is a graduate student at the Department of Political Science and Government at Aarhus University where he specializes in security and intelligence studies. Jeppe Rothuizen has previously been with NATO’s headquarters in Bruxelles and the Danish Atlantic Treaty Association in Copenhagen. He has also previously been associated with the Center for War Studies at University of Southern Denmark and with Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Advanced Governmental Studies in Washington D.C. Jeppe Rothuizen holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Aarhus University, where he was involved in establishing student organization International Politik – NU.

Konrad Duda is an international project manager and a part-time hobbyist writer and debater. He was a board member for Aarhus University’s local model UN, which he also represented at an international conference. He earned his BSc in Economics and Business Administration and MSc in International Business at Aarhus University, and he has also studied at McMaster University, Canada and Aalto University, Finland. Currently he is creating a sales platform in Poland and managing the business side of several construction projects around Europe.